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Microtransactions are a true technological terror — just not entirely for the reason you think

It’s only fitting that the Empire embodies the final form of the ‘pay to win’ formula.

Sausages, custard and a bit of mustard — why Wolfenstein works

Them: “Welcome to Murder King — can I take your order?”

Why Father Gascgoine is the brutal embodiment of Bloodborne

Wolf-man seeks other. Likes: blood, Gothic architecture, insidious acts of violence, serrated edges and My Little Pony.

A change of cart: another way to look at franchise reinvention

Rebirth is a recurrent theme in the hero’s mythological journey — the way they used to be isn’t what we need now.

Games aren’t art — and don’t have to be

As an opponent of the loot box structure, one can’t help but feel that ‘Buy Currency’ iconography threatens to penetrate the exploration…


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