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James Bull

Sr. RnD Programs Lead @ Shopify

Amy Thibodeau

Writer and reader. Director of UX for App and Partner Platform at Shopify. Formerly designed with words at Facebook. Based in Toronto.

Latest Posts

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How we did it, what we learned, and would we do it again?

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Here’s what you can do about them

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Facebook’s VP of Product Design shares her thoughts on managing teams and time

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How to recognize assumptions and decide if they’re the right ones

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How UX Research can use Assumption Mapping to help product teams

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5 ways the product design process can help you adapt to leadership

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How to use teaching and skill transfer rituals to make learning part of your team culture

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How to balance what people offer and what teams need

Understanding UX teams

Identifying the skills that make a group greater than the sum of its parts

In Defence of Boring UX

Why users prefer basic design over shiny fluff.


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