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James Bull

Sr. RnD Programs Lead @ Shopify

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Content strategy for a team of one

How to advocate for content in a room full of devs and designers

Create space to celebrate expertise

You may be overlooking your team’s most readily-accessible source for professional growth.

Redesigning the Shopify App Store: UX challenges and learnings

This article was co-written with Kay Jorgensen and includes graphics by Ellie Jeon.

What you don’t learn in design school

Working on a design team in the real world

There’s no “I” in feedback

How and why you should treat feedback as a team sport

My experience at Shopify as an international hire 🚀

India → International Move to Canada → Working at one of my dream companies: Shopify

Crafting ethically effective teams

The importance of managing for diversity

How to build your creative confidence and deal with tough feedback

Designing great products is hard. There are lots of moving parts, big questions to answer and plenty of ambiguity. If you’ve worked on a…

Starting a new UX job? You need to learn to unlearn

In January of this year, I changed jobs. From a 400-person French startup to Shopify — a 4,000-person Canadian behemoth. From a company…

The system always kicks back

The effort required to build a design system is tiny compared to the effort required to maintain it.


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