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Jason Fried

Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Co-author of Getting Real, Remote, and REWORK.


Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), NYT Best-selling author of REWORK and REMOTE, and Le Mans class-winning racing driver.

Nathan Kontny

Y Combinator alum. CTO Rockstar Coders. Created Draft ( Watch: Previous: Highrise CEO

Wailin Wong

Making The Rework Podcast at Basecamp. You might also know me from The Distance, the Chicago Tribune or Dow Jones Newswires.

Dan Kim

Android @basecamp • Spare-time Android @helloweatherapp • Huge @kotlin nerd

Andrea LaRowe

Native Chicagoan who loves my silly looking dog and working at Basecamp.

Ryan Singer

Strategy and design at Basecamp. @rjs on Twitter.

Claire Lew

CEO of Know Your Team ( My life’s mission is to help people become happier at work.

Jamie Dihiansan

Lead Designer, Basecamp for Android

Adam Stoddard

Designer @basecamp, formerly design lead @ynab.

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Playing to your strengths isn’t always the strongest move if you want to be a good leader.

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When the Pixel 3 was announced a few months ago there was a lot of press about the incredible Camera and the enormous Notch. Lost in this…


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