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Galya Iliev

Community @sketchapp, Co-leads @Sketchsources, @SmithCollege Alumna into Design, Tech and Travel!

Todor Iliev

Design, Development, Mobile UI/UX

Latest Posts

Cool avatars for you, made with love and totally free

I’m going to share my endless project & let me try to commit and create at least 1 avatar per week. Let’s get your own cool avatar and use…

It has never been this easy to work better together

These are exciting times to be alive in friends! With the free release of Sketch2React v1 we are giving everyone a fighting chance to…

Consistency and drudgery in UI design

We set out to remove tedium from front-end coding and realized that design is also full of rote and designers too have long been suffering!

How to design beyond the interface

All of the design elements you need to add beyond user interfaces (UI), user experience (UX), and interactions (IxD).

How to Create a Spotify-inspired Prototype Using Sketch & Anima

Learn to create a High-Fidelity Prototype that just feels real

Sketch App Universe — Tools, Plugins, Services, and Resources that saves your time

In the beginning, there was darkness, then came Sketch app and revolutionized the way we create apps and websites. If we would compare the…

What is a Product Designer? Solving the Mystery

Anyone who’s occupied in the web industry probably struggles with having to explain his job to people who’re not so tech-savvy.

Crash Course in Prototyping with Principle for Web and UX/UI Designers — Workshop 2/2

Welcome to the last part of my Principle app crash course. Read my introduction article if you are new to this app, or go back to the…

How to Use Pastel Colors in Your Designs [+15 Wonderful Pastel Color Schemes]

One of the top design trends of 2018 that will continue in 2019 is the use of pastel colors. We’ve seen the trend across websites…

Design with a Design System: Landing page, Part 2

An ongoing series where we use a design system to create real world projects.


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