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Galya Iliev

Community @sketchapp, Co-leads @Sketchsources, @SmithCollege Alumna into Design, Tech and Travel!

Todor Iliev

Design, Development, UI/UX,

Latest Posts

Roles & Permissions

A case study and guide for structuring roles & permissions within SaaS

Color Psychology in Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Color psychology in marketing and branding is more than just one-sentence explanations of what each color represents.

Creating, Versioning, and Publishing a Sketch Plugin for N00bs (Like Me)

Recently I built and published Disconnector, a Sketch plugin which lets you quickly undo all the blood, sweat, and tears that your design…

Start-ups, start valuing your company correctly!

Most entrepreneur treat their companies like it’s their babies. Meaning they think it’s the most unique and precious thing on Earth that…

How to improve your UIs by applying Design Principles: Homepage, Part 1

An ongoing Tutorial Series showing you how to create consistent, clearer, and stronger UIs by applying Design Principles

6 Big Reasons to Apply Digital Illustrations in UI Design for Mobile and Web

A picture is worth a thousand words. We are the visual creatures and perceive the information much better if it’s accompanied by some…

Your first steps to creating Sketch plugins

Sketch plugins open up so many opportunities for creative and new ideas. As you probably have found, plugins can do a wide variety of…

Say hi 👋 to Chart 5.0

Meet the biggest update in Chart’s history: plugin rewrote from scratch on new Sketch API, authorization and native updates are enabled…

Sketch 55 — How it speeds up your workflow

Sketch creators work even faster on improving the next releases of the app. This is great because thanks to the new features and…

Merge duplicate styles in Sketch

You have duplicate, inconsistent, and unnecessary layer styles and text styles in your design, and you know it 😊.


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