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J. Brad Wilke

@teamsmarthouse co-founder // @portlandfilm artistic director // Wonderstream founder // screenwriter & producer

Amie Simon

Director of Marketing @teamsmarthouse // film-obsessed writer & editor @3imaginarygirls // horror film lover // social media fangirl // pop culture believer

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There are three essential elements to every successful film release campaign: a trailer, a logline, and a poster. These are the items that…

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Congratulations! You just received your first film festival acceptance email!

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What I learned about pitching an idea from Game of Thrones.

How to work with the media, courtesy of the people who know

OK, so your movie or project is done, and the time has come to get some COVERAGE. What to do?

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Planning your film, no matter how thrifty you can be with sets and equipment, is a daunting enterprise. Including a little extra for a…


At Smarthouse, we work with filmmakers, artists, film festivals, distributors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, and nonprofits…

Bringing the love for our clients

The Seattle International Comedy Competition (and its sister event, The San Francisco Comedy Competition) is one of my favorite projects…

Indie Film Hashtags

There are about 500 million tweets sent each day, which comes out to approximately 200 billion tweets per year. Instagram users post more…


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