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United announces plans to add trained NHL enforcers to all domestic flights

(SP) — United Airlines announced plans today to place a former NHL goon on every domestic flight to help manage its passengers. Ottawa…

CBS dumps Tony Romo after Dak Prescott expresses interest in broadcasting career

(SP) — Tony Romo’s broadcasting career is in limbo after his deal with CBS to join their NFL broadcast team was scrapped at the last minute…

Lax bros now certain they could play in the NFL if they wanted to

FOXBOROUGH, MA — New England Patriots receiver and former college lacrosse player Chris Hogan became an NFL star last week when he torched…

Report: No one knows if any of the 2017 NFL Draft QBs will be good or bad

PHILADELPHIA — With the 2017 NFL Draft set to be held in Philadelphia in just three months, many NFL scouts and personnel directors have…

Ben Roethlisberger discloses he’s been given between 1 and 700 months to live

PITTSBURGH — Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger revealed today that he has a fatal condition that could claim his life at any moment…

BREAKING: Trump to replace Obamacare with NFL’s Heads Up Football initiative

WASHINGTON, DC — President Donald Trump will announce the replace portion of his “repeal and replace” pledge for the Affordable Care Act…

Russell Westbrook reminds hired assassin that Kevin Durant’s death must look like an accident

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook gave an important parting reminder today to the man he hired to kill former…

Tom Brady says he’s “motivated to win my first Super Bowl without cheati- … shit”

FOXBOROUGH, MA — New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke with reporters this morning about his seventh trip to the Super Bowl and…

“I am a 6-foot-1 white guy and I’m tired of being asked if I play WR for the Patriots”

Don’t tell me that white people don’t experience their share of racism. Not after my experiences over the last few months.


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