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Spotless are a London-based Service Design agency situated in the heart of the thriving digital district in Shoreditch.

Signe Bek

Service Designer & Researcher @ Spotless | London

Hannah Steele

Senior Service Designer at Spotless / Scot in London

Max Taylor

UX Researcher + Designer @ Spotless. I have no ideas to sell — I just want you to enjoy a point of view which I enjoy.

Latest Posts

10 Service Design Questions for Cloud Gaming Services

Cloud gaming has come to rain games on us all.

Who are we (not ) designing for? Part 2:

Did the design of the House of Commons cause Brexit?

How to change user behaviour

Let’s assume your new design is novel and innovative. It’s based on real user needs and tests well. In other words — it’s the way forward.

The Vandalisation of ‘UX’

The original promise of UX — How UX subdisciplines cause oversight — Reductionism vs. Holism — The case for a multi-disciplined approach

What the £@*^ is Service Design?

Recently, I was asked to conduct a short lecture on SD (Service Design) to the UX Immersive students at General Assembly, to explain how…

Insights from Service Design Global Conference 2018

Earlier this month the annual Service Design Global Conference took place. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by beautiful Dublin, don’t…

Future Forecasting through Speculative Prototyping

We explored our assumptions and expectations to the future of retail through speculative prototyping.


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