Sprint Stories

Design Sprint case studies and lessons from around the world.

John Zeratsky

Supporting startups with capital and sprints. Co-founder and general partner at Character. Author of Sprint and Make Time. Former partner at GV.

Jake Knapp

Writer, designer, person. Author of SPRINT and MAKE TIME. Co-founder of character.vc. More at jakeknapp.com.

Latest Posts

Designing a life: Identifying, selecting and testing one’s next steps

Applying the core tenets of the Design Sprint to determine a life direction

This startup used design to make industrial A.I. trustworthy to humans

At DeepMind, Jim and Veda ran some of the coolest projects, including the A.I. that reduced Google’s data center energy costs by 40%…

How we adapted the Design Sprint for design interviews

Why Shorten the Design Sprint Process?

The Dangers of Remote Design Sprints (and the Framework That Makes Them Exceptional)

When running virtual Design Sprints (or, really any other kind of workshop), Miro or MURAL* should primarily be used as a presentation tool…

Mindsum: creating a website in 7 weeks with Brand & Design Sprint

Discover how we helped a social enterprise promote its mental health support platform

The 7 things I learned when I used Design Sprint methods to help my kids plan for my wife’s…

If you’ve never heard of Design Sprints, you can learn more here or read the book.

Enhancing the digital charitable experience of Handicap International with a (Remote) Design Sprint

Hi, my name is Mehdi, I’m a UX Designer and I’m managing a design team within Capgemini Belgium. Today, I am glad to share with you the…

The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Design Sprint

Why they happen, even to experienced facilitators, and how you can prevent them

Case Study: Designing a book reading app using GV’s design sprint process.

This case study was an assignment project I did as part of springboard’s UI/UX program using a modified version of GV’s design sprint…

Rebuilding a fitness app after COVID with a Design Sprint

How we worked with Possible to rebuild their app and create a resilient, digital-first business model after COVID


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