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Cofounder of NextView. Husband to Nancy. Dad to Josie and Clara

David Beisel

Co-founder & Partner at NextView Ventures (@NextViewVC)

Lee Hower

Co-founder & Partner of NextView Ventures, former entrepreneur at LinkedIn and PayPal, general helper of startups

Melody Koh

Partner @NextViewVC. Former Head of Product @BlueApron.

Dorothy Ren

associate @nextviewvc & recruiting for my yonic queendom.

Latest Posts

Going Beyond the “Founder Show”

At the earliest stages, a startup Founder/CEO is typically the star of the show. She or he is often the one who brings the early team…

Exploring The Everyday: Mark de la Vergne Is Reimagining What Public Transportation Looks Like

We sat down with Detroit’s Chief of Mobility Innovation, Mark de la Vergne, to learn a little bit more about the transportation challenges…

Lyft S-1: Kicking Off the Decacorn Bonanza of 2019

Lyft’s S-1 dropped on Friday. 2019 is shaping up to be the year the dam broke for decacorn IPOs, with Lyft, Uber, AirBnB, Pinterest, et al…

Exploring The Everyday: Janji Wants You To Change The World By Running

One need that is universal around the world, no matter your race, religion, gender, or social standing, is water. Life needs this basic

Making Your First Analytics Hire

Recently, I’ve been working with a few of our portfolio companies to help them think about how to recruit and interview their first…

Exploring The Everyday: Better Meat For a Better Future

What do you think about when you hear the words, “lab grown meat”? Are images of Frankenstein and his monster coming to mind? The reality…

After Organic — The Next Multi-Decade Food Megatrend

We are entering a really interesting phase in the food industry that I think most people don’t fully realize. For the last 20+ years, the…

Exploring The Everyday: Universal Basic Income & 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

We sat down with Andrew Yang, current 2020 Presidential Candidate, who’s platform is based on reimagining the American economy with UBI

Introducing “Exploring the Everyday”

If you’ve been following NextView for a while, then you’ve heard us talk a lot about the “everyday economy” which is our core investment…

How to Build A Great Product Before Hiring Your First PM

Most startups don’t have the luxury of hiring an experienced PM early in their journey — so many founders have to brutal force figuring it…


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