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rob go

Cofounder of NextView. Husband to Nancy. Dad to Josie and Clara

David Beisel

Co-founder & Partner at NextView Ventures (@NextViewVC)

Lee Hower

Co-founder & Partner of NextView Ventures, former entrepreneur at LinkedIn and PayPal, general helper of startups

Melody Koh

Partner @NextViewVC. Former Head of Product @BlueApron.

Dorothy Ren

associate @nextviewvc & recruiting for my yonic queendom.

Latest Posts

Slack S-1: Will ARPU Drive Long Term Value?

Slack dropped their S-1 a couple weeks ago. Even before that, we all knew that it was among the most rapidly growing SaaS companies in…

Friday Fun-isms: It Moves Slow Until it Moves Fast

We are going to try to establish a fun new blog series every Friday called “Friday Fun-isms”. These are a collection of phrases and…

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Remote Employee

Throughout human history, our working environments have gone through several huge shifts. From hunters and gatherers to farmers and…

Our Thesis on Work: Equalizing Opportunity | NextView Ventures

When we talk internally about our themes at NextView, the focus is less on areas or sectors, but more about shifts in human behavior and…

Why Do Consumer IPOs and B2B IPOs Get Treated Differently?

2019 is off to an exciting start for IPOs of VC-backed startups. In just the last month or so we’ve seen Lyft go public ( my analysis of…

Back to The Future: The Power of SMS-Native

It is the one message-space on your phone that you always pay attention to: SMS text messages.

Getting Credit for Your Work

One area that seed investors can be really helpful to founders is around setting milestones to optimize for future funding rounds. Assuming…

Advice On How To Spot A Good Interviewer vs A Good Hire

The last thing you want to do is go through all the time and energy of finding and hiring a new employee only to find out, after you’ve…

Are MBA Founders More Diverse?

Original research on gender diversity and fundraising amongst HBS founders.

Two Hires That Early Stage Companies Usually Wait Too Long To Make

I generally believe in the adage that there are only two jobs to be done at an early stage company:


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