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Nicolas Cole — You so nailed this.

Seth Godin makes a very convincing point of the dangerous of EE (Entrepreneurial Ego), peppered throughout his podcast as well.

Like a bawse! — What to ask and how to hire executives.

Startups are all about the capabilities of a team. A company is not the creation of one individual, but rather the outcome collective…

Making it Real: Naval Ravikant’s Epic Tweetstorm “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)”

You immediately see the wisdom in this tweetstorm. But what do we change in our lives to apply these?

4 Things Every Sales Rep Needs To Know About Cold Email

No one likes email spam. Your prospects don’t want to receive it and you don’t want to send it.

8 Cold Email Statistics that Will Change How You Do Cold Email Campaigns

It’s not easy to get people to open your cold emails.

The Art of War Series — Part I — “Preparation”

At the start of the new year I made a decision to formalize my reading practices by committing to read a minimum of one hour each day. So…

The Crucial Difference Between Good Advice and Bad Advice

This is how to tell the difference.

Real Talk: No One is Crushing It

You can go from meeting to meeting within the startup community and you will likely hear a few times a day: “So-and-so is crushing it!” or…

Venture Capitalists Must Be Globally Minded

I attended an annual meeting this week in San Francisco for one of the venture capital funds in our portfolio and I came away very…

Why do a Startup?

By Esteban Reyes, Founding Partner


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