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A startup expert.

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Founder + CEO,, CEO @Startupsco

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Steph Newton

I believe unicorns are simply horses with better marketing.

Alexandra Chudik

Director of Inbound Marketing & BD @startupsco

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How I raised $10M in venture capital

I learned a lot from my first 100 investor meetings and I learned even more from the next 400. It was in 2012 during the AngelPad…

On Becoming an Ethics-Driven Product Designer

One of the things that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about is gamification. That is to say, using game elements in non-gaming…

How to sales hack your startup growth to $10M

Growth. It’s what keeps every entrepreneur up at night. What experiments should I run? Is my hypothesis correct? Should I focus on sales…

How to pitch your startup like a rockstar

One of the most important yet underrated things a startup founder has to do is a pitch. Pitch investors, pitch clients, pitch potential…

Let Me Ask You a Question

I’m always amazed at how many early-stage investors will commit to investing in a company after only one phone call or meeting —…

Choosing The Right Project Management Tool For Your Team

Keep your team connected and productive with the right project management tool.

5 strategy questions for every founder

Build a strategy deck to define and socialize your startup vision

How an open floor plan is killing your workplace culture

What I’ve seen from 10 years working in an open office environment

Shiny Objects

As consumers, we all get distracted. It seems to happen more easily and frequently these days. Instead of focusing on work or driving or…

Keep Your Price High and Still Beat the Competition

A pretty good strategy for underdogs


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