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Roads End

I’ve reached the end of an eleven-month project to share something useful every day from the 40 best books on the topics I love. How’d I…

The Best Book for Business

These 88 pages tell us everything we need to know about making a meaningful business.

How To Measure Yourself

We measure ourselves all the time. When done right, it helps us self-improve. But when done poorly, it wreaks havoc.

How Hard Decisions Become Easy Choices

Simplification, in all its forms, is the ultimate recipe for reducing stress. It is also the path towards better, easier decisions, too.

The Minimalist Business

Stay small. Be the best. Don’t lose money.

Business Is Not About Money

What is it about, then? What’s the incentive?

The Best Book for A Principled Life

We all have principles. Some made, some borrowed. But do we use these precious tools to their fullest benefit?

Three Techniques for Making Decisions

We naturally obsess over some of our decisions. So here is a way to obsess in a more effective, more principled manner.

What Transparency Looks Like

What is real, radical transparency? It’s easy to mistake it and hard to deliver. Here’s some insights that can help.

The Necessary Selfishness Of The Source

Are you a control freak? Depending on the circumstance, you might be justified.


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