students x students

Providing a platform to uplift student voices and give them greater confidence and fulfillment in their writing.

Ariv Gupta

does his best to enjoy every aspect of life, founder — students x students (

Ayushi Agrawal

Middle Schooler from Lucknow, India. Content creator/Newsletter Editor for @studentsxstudents


A 14-year-old Activator at The Knowledge Society with an interest in space and a sprinkle of pop culture.

Maya Shih

Taiwanese-American student/writer/artist. I’m writing about my journey to help you on yours. (Personal Growth, Life, Poetry) | CEO at

Mihika Kiran

Just another person who likes writing a bit too much. Perpetually suffering through writer's block. | Content Creator at

Lize Deng

Aspiring writer and photojournalist. May (attempt) to discuss literature and visual art, but more likely to write about my experiences as I prepare for college!


chicago teenager with a lot of opinions. essays, reviews, poems, & reports

Mansi Bhandari

innovator @ TKS | future of food | violinist | fencer

Nishita Kulkarni

A writer with a love for the unconventional, always searching for new ways to tell stories and push the boundaries of the written word.

Nairi Shepherd

Aspiring Genetic Engineer and Innovator at The Knowledge Society


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