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Karthik K

Co-founder & CEO of @SkcriptHQ, I proudly build @hellonexthq

Swaathi Kakarla

Co-Founder and CTO @SkcriptHQ | Loves to code | GDG-CHN Organizer |

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You need these three user roles before implementing Blockchain for your business

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Using Artificial Intelligence to improve claims processing times.

What can insurers gain from Artificial Intelligence? This is the biggest question that our customers ask us when trying to understand the…

How modern mobile apps influence the human behavior

Have you ever found yourself picking up your phone every 5–10 minutes to check if you got any new notifications? Now, pause for a moment…

Announcing SAGE for Discord

When we made the move to Discord, the everything was new to us. We started off with setting up a few bots — and this is how we wrapped our…

Why these industries should implement Blockchain technology today!

These industries need to implement blockchain technologies right away, to stay competitive. Learn more.

Steve — The simplest calendar app money can buy for iOS

Steve is the simplest iOS calendar app you can rely on. It is minimal, super fast, reliable and beautifully functional.

A brand new promise

The new face of Skcript comes with a reinforced promise. A promise that will inspire and disrupt the set boundaries. Join us as we embark…

What type of apps can you build with React Native?

Here’s why, how and when to choose React Native before you build your iOS or Android application. Learn more.


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