Publications tagged `CYBERSECURITY`
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TrojAI TrojAI protects computer vision from adversarial poison data and model evasion attacks. 20
Picus Security Articles on a variety of topics in cybersecurity by Picus Security 19
Luatix Luatix is a non profit organization aimed to conduct research and development in the fields of cybersecurity and crisis management. Its goal is to provide a community of enthusiasts with a framework as well as material support in order for them to build their projects. 19
PwnPizza Cyber Security, ML, Networks & Systems Research Blog 18
Qustodio Smart Parenting Tips–Expert advice for parents in an increasingly digital world. Fact sharing, not fear mongering. 18
GT Usable Privacy and Security Course This publication is where students of the CS 4803/8803 — UPS course will publish course content. 16
Security, Privacy, Risk Management, Blockchain, & Fintech Thoughts about what is happening in Security, Privacy, Risk Management, Blockchain, & Fintech 16
Hybrid Analyst Hybrid Analyst: A look at today’s threats, risks, and global affairs. Written by Michael Lortz, 15+ years in US National Security, MA Intl Affairs, MBA. Simple man trying to make his way in the universe. 16
Bleeding Into Reality Thoughts on Accelerationism, The Stack, Ambient Computing, IOT and Information Security 15
Cyber Unbound A philosophical perspective on the world of cybersecurity, its technologies, its techniques, and its future. 14
Online Political Transparency Project The Online Political Transparency Project is a nonpartisan, independent project is focused on improving the transparency of online political advertising. and are public tools created by the project to show trends in Facebook political advertising 13
2FAS Blog Secure your website with Two-Factor Authentication. Check out at 12
Tech Insights Tech Insights provides stories about Technology, Programming, CyberSecurity and more! 12
SAFE Engineering We, Engineers at SAFE, learn & play with some very cool engineering challenges as we build our platform. This publication is an under-the-hood insight into how, what & why of our work. Please do clap, follow and share in case you like it! 11
Mobile Security Sharing knowledge to better the secure the internet users in the digital era. 11