Publications tagged `PERSPECTIVE`
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Politically Speaking We all view the world through a unique lens. Politics is in literally everything from our churches to our social organizations to news events and crime to our governments. This is the place to share your view, regardless of your political leanings: all are welcome. 4,688
Be Unique Home to philosophical ideas & creative minds. A publication on bringing change. 4,432
Snipette Bits and pieces about anything and everything. Usual topics from unusual perspectives. Information you can understand. We explain things in a storytelling style. Want to write for us? We’re looking for authors so check the homepage for details! 516
Lucid State Stories and insights captured during those fleeting moments of clarity. Share your perspective. 115
Indian Ink Zero, Yoga, Chili... there’s a little bit of India in everyone 57
Unique Mindsets Every person has a different perspective on life that can be unique. This publication wants to portray the unique mindsets and ideas that come from writers. 25
Moonview Thoughts, insights, musings, and rants 12
The Y Live By Example 9
Over To You Let’s talk about the million shades of life. 6
hastyville The Land of Fleeting Moments — A simulation formed by art, adventure and creativity 5 is a youth-led initiative that is aimed to give access for youth to express their opinions in fields previously dominated by ‘experts’. 5
Perspective A new publication based on providing accessible news and political pieces from the next generation of writers and thinkers. 4
Thought Performance Thought Performance is a place to help spread awareness on topics like mental toughness, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. Understanding the deeper side of how we think allows us to draw insightful conclusions to apply in our lives. 2
Paradigm Crunch Keeping our eyes and minds open to anticipate change 0
AVIOT: Critic’s Choice In today’s society where “cancel culture” runs rampant, politically incorrect talking points, no matter the intention, often seem taboo or appear offensive to mass groups. Here, we unpack touchy subjects discussed on the AVIOT podcast, known for its honesty no matter the result. 0