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The Stern Facts Investigative news journalism and fact-based political reports. 1,184
Environmental Policy & Advocacy Ensuring that our region’s leaders have the tools to make informed decisions is a critical role of the Conservancy. The Policy team ensures the proper stewardship of Southwest Florida’s natural resources by actively taking on regional issues to make a difference. 138
THE SUNSHINE REPORT Savvy Students Covering Florida’s Hottest Stories 19
IMMIGRATION NATION South Florida stories about immigration by FAU Student Journalists 15
The Marjorie In a complicated relationship with the Sunshine State. Here to reclaim #FloridaWoman. 7
The Chronicles of Florida Man Fictional stories inspired by real news events, featuring America’s favorite drunk uncle. 6
The Florida Free Press The Florida Free Press is an independent digital news source dedicated to fact-based reporting, candid debate and open discourse. Free speech. Free expression. Free press. 5
Pinellas County Young Democrats The Pinellas County Young Democrats are a chapter of the Florida Young Democrats. The Pinellas Young Dems is committed to cultivating the next generation of Democrat leaders, in Pinellas County. 0