Publications tagged `HUMANITY`
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Think Queerly Sharing insights and strategies to reduce contention, division, and inequity along with a human-hearted approach to developing more respect for the natural diversity and commonality of humanity. 2,364
the composite made up of various elements 712
CARRE4 All Things Redefining Humanity 452
Heart Revolution Writing from your heart and sharing the unconditional, divine love that exists within waiting to be shown. We are ONE collective, ONE humanity, ONE love 390
LighterSide A tongue in cheek home for Humor and Opinion pieces on Politics, Humanity, Tech, Relationships and more. 321
Thoughtless Opinions Thoughts, Opinions, and Stories about business, life, and the human condition. Any actionable insights taken from these posts is entirely coincidental and we do not accept any responsibility for the consequences. Posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 154
The First Time Write any story about the first time something happened to you or a first experience. 117
Humanity Dawns Where we bring to light the darker parts of our humanity 111
Quarantined We will go through this, together, hand in hand, one day at a time. 111
White Objects Bringing Objects to Life through Poetry. 84
Evolution and Us Exploring the Human Experience Through the Lens of Evolution 56
The Substrate Searching for butterflies 39
The PHORIA Project We’re an immersive tech studio pioneering experiences in the XR Verse 34
The 100 Words Project The 100 words project is a personal challenge to condense articles, ideas, and concepts into a format of exactly 100 words, no more and no less. Micro blogs that are easy to digest, thought-provoking, and insightful are the goals of this initiative. 34
Daily Haloha The Daily Haloha mobile app presents a single thought-provoking question to the world each day to connect us more deeply to ourselves and to others. 28