Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Hamad’s Tech Blog Technology, Trends & Investments 4
Attention Lab Observations on media, marketing, technology and the war for attention. 4
Why There’s Not a Single Cure for Cancer Advancements in cancer treatment are a collection of new technologies combined in the right ways to address each subset of cancer. 4
headwayio Insights and perspectives to help you navigate the ever changing seas of product strategy, design, and development. 4
The 2.8% : a collective voice of women founders raising venture capital #the2point8 By bringing our stories out from private forums and into the public sphere, we highlight the hidden inequities women and other underrepresented founders face when raising and using venture capital. #the2point8 email Twitter @the2point8 4
The Consequences of Ideas This publication hosts work that describes the logical result of any idea or ideology. 4
Lazarus AI Lazarus is a startup that’s changing the way we screen for and diagnose cancer. 4
Uniseed We invest in researchers, technologies and businesses that will change the world for the better. 4
Cotter Build a One-Tap Passwordless Authentication with Cotter. Find guides, tutorials, and best practices about authentication to help you build a frictionless and secure login in just a few lines of code. 4
Blog - Ardanis Company blog for Ardanis Technologies Limited - 4
Bento Box of Thoughts We work in an increasingly decentralized and distributed way: Bento brings it all together. Join our beta at 4
Marketing Magazine Expert marketing insights, case studies, and strategies 4
FEMMEPRENEUR A publication about femmale enterpreneurship. 4
Trim Bisect Behind the scenes at Trim. Getting to the root of what we’re doing. 4