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We're Still Cool What can we say? We're still cool! 191
LitPop LitPop is the literary and cultural studies blog of the English Department at Purdue University Northwest. We publish accessible, engaging, web-native writing that explores literature and culture, new or old. Visit us: 73
Deconstructing Korea A theoretical consideration of Korean pop culture and society. 55
thepopcult Diving into the cult of popular culture. 14
Screen Captions Eclectic reflections on film and televison 11
A440 Collective Tuned In to Musical Society 5
The Trouble With Normal(cy) — First-Year Composition Writing from first-year college students investigating disability culture, honing their writing skills, and interrogating how we understand our social investments in “normal.” 3
Clit Theory Looking at the intersection of sex, feminism and pop culture and how it impacts our daily lives. 2
Popstistics We take a close look at the statistics and data from film, books, television, video games, and music. How likely are you to die in Elm Street? What is the optimal number of years in the future to set a film? Find out the answers to these questions and more. 0