Publications tagged `MAGAZINE`
Name Followers
MEL Magazine There's no playbook for how to be a guy 33,364
Digital Culturist Observing the digital age through the eyes of those who created it. 2,854
Fintech Weekly Magazine Insights into where finance meets technology - from experts, for experts. 649
The Baldwin BALDWIN pushes the idea of defiant criticism. Written and produced by Black people, BALDWIN is literary reparations for society and culture. We challenge the idea that an educated opinion looks and sounds one way. Visit our homepage at: 562
Greener Pastures Magazine Greener Pastures is a comedy and satire site run by a bunch of writers obsessed with out-writing, out-joking and out-funnying each other. 421
Logic Magazine Logic Magazine is a print magazine that seeks to deepen our discourse around technology. 414
The Regeneration A collaborative media company about people and businesses working to restore our relationship with the environment. Committed to creating a more equitable world for all living things. 179
The Writing Gym This is a cooperative of writers who share a common interest in improving their writing muscle, one post at a time. Find here diverse topics, and voices from everywhere. 115
The Planet The Planet Magazine is the quarterly student publication of Western Washington University's Huxley College of the Environment. 110
Klipsun Magazine Klipsun is an award-winning student magazine of Western Washington University 107
North Mag The best writing from America’s Top Coast 99
Demystifying The magazine demystifying mental health 97
County Democrat Reader Official Online Publication of Portland’s Multnomah County Democrats 84
Trumplandia Magazine Thinking & Writing About America Under #45 72
Clocked In Magazine music focused magazine doing research articles and reviews of all genres across the globe. we’re want to hear everything. if you have any releases email us! 67