Publications tagged `ETHEREUM`
Name Followers
Blockchain Circle Germany's network of blockchain professionals: 85
PISA Research State channel and watching service research 79
Relentless TCG The first truly scalable blockchain game and the first CCG to run entirely on the blockchain. 78
HeartBank Academy Ethereum dApp Development 77
EthereumGaming Exploring the gaming sector on the Blockchain. Mainly focused on Ethereum. 75
Block Gemini The Block Gemini team boasts an exciting combination of Ethereum Developers, Hyperledger Managers, Crypto Researchers, Programmers, Developers Analysts and Designers - all true professionals in their respective field. 68
Gilded Crypto Accounting Made Simple 66
atpar blog Musings about ACTUS protocol, blockchain finance, blockchain assets by atpar 65
Protea Blog Growing communities of tomorrow 61
DINNGO Visit our website for more information 60
GardenerOracle The first free opensource oracle protocol connecting external data to blockchain applications 60
BlockCentric Insights and Analysis in Blockchain Development and The Blockchain Industry. 59
Devcon Scholars Program The Devcon Scholars Program is an Ethereum Foundation sponsored, community supported initiative to increase diversity and inclusion within the blockchain ecosystem. This channel is managed by volunteers of the Devcon Scholars Program. 49
Boxmining Journal Boxmining is about everything crytocurrency, 47
ConsenSys Diligence Working on the front lines of best practices and software security auditing in the Ethereum ecosystem. To request auditing services, contact 46