Publications tagged `ETHEREUM`
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Law of Cryptocurrency Summaries of legal opinions about bitcoin, virtual currencies and blockchain technology 240
ConsenSys Diligence ConsenSys Diligence has the mission of solving Ethereum smart contract security. Contact us for an audit at 225
Alpine Intel Building the blueprints for new digital economies. 211
Ethworks Software is eating the world. Blockchain is eating money. Ethworks is cooking. 207
LithiumFinance Lithium Finance is the first decentralized data oracle solution that uses collective intelligence to regularly price illiquid assets that are currently expensive and difficult to value. 202
QuikNode Cloud-hosted Ethereum nodes for dApps, developers, and power-users. Run a dedicated ETH node in minutes! 181
DAO IPCI Public blockchain protocol accelerating global green economy growth #climatefinance #GHG #greenbond #ClimateAction #ethereum #ICO #climate #blockchain 180
BBOD The Official Blog of BBOD Exchange offering high-speed, on-chain futures trading 176
Zastrin Learn blockchain programming building real-world projects #buidl 174
tokenfoundry The global platform for well-structured tokens and token-powered networks. 173
FixedFloat Best instant cryptocurrency exchange without registration 169
Bybit Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with 100x leverage BTCUSD perpetual contracts; providing a fairer, faster, and more human trading environment. With a matching engine 10x the industry speed, 24/7 multilingual CS, and an advanced order system. 155
Federman Capital Federman Capital is a venture capital firm focused on blockchain technology and crypto assets. Our fund is led by Tomer Federman, a Stanford MBA alum who previously drove product strategy & global growth of major ad products at Facebook. Website: 152
Blockstreet HQ The Beginner’s Guide to the Digital Economy 118
Tabula Rasa A Critical, Zero-bullshit & Maverick view on everything Crypto by @Kleydints 116