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A.M.E.R.I.C.A Essays on the American Dream, Identity and the Politics of Renewal 1
High Key Highlighting the biggest news and trends in politics, law, and society 1
Ways and Means Musing from the intersection of politics, policy, and the economy 1
Today’s Aesop Humans are complicated. We have so many doubts and thoughts that it might become difficult to see through it all. As a biologist, I find animals inspirational because they represent caricatures that can help us understand how we feel. I’m sharing these stories here. 1
Democracy Project Our democracy is under threat. The Democracy Project publishes stories that critically analyse our culture, politics and the economy to better understand these threats and the forces that work against our freedoms 1
Planet B We envision a place where people and nature work in harmony to a shared goal of community. We publish articles that expand beyond the status quo (AKA Planet A). We are particularly interested in community and POC-led efforts, large scale conservation efforts, and tech for good. 1
the square of none Just writing what comes to mind 0
Pink Slip Nation Pink Slip Nation is a new Medium publication focused on the economic lives of women. We cover economic, labor and market trends, while giving voice to the challenges women face and the unique perspectives they bring through a variety of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. 0
JECNYC The Official Blog of The Junior Economic Club of New York City 0
unemployed together Humanizing headline unemployment numbers by telling the personal stories of job loss due to the pandemic. Mapping and tracking the resulting jobs landscape shifts. 0