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The Hooray Media Stories and insights from creators and thinkers. 4
Intranel Consulting Specialist advice and delivery capability in emerging technologies, covering Fintech, Blockchain, AI, IOT. Our team brings decades of experience working with leading technology companies, major banks and rapidly growing start-ups. 4
JAG’s thoughts Just a guy’s thoughts… 4
Technology through the Prism The articles in this publication focus on basics to complex nuances of latest technology trends including AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain and more… 4
siddharthshah607 siddharth shah have 2 long periods of aptitude in creating world-class sites for clients over the world. To talk about your venture, connect with us today! 3
Flipside Crypto Engineering & Data Science Creative builders and scientists empowering blockchains projects with unique insights to grow their businesses and eco-systems. 3
Public Democracy Values Data™ can change our world. We believe in aligning what is right with what works by understanding data differently. 3
The DApact True end-to-end microlending system 2
Pete’s Thoughts A different perspective on the topics I find interesting. 2
Spectral Financial Spectral Financial, LLC 2
digital homeostasis A blog about decentralization, machine learning, and hemp 2
IAMTN-Cross border Payments A non-profit membership organisation, working closely with governments, regulators, regional associations, payments stakeholders and individuals to create the most effective, safer, reliable and efficient cross border payments systems possible. 2
Sazmining Next Generation Data Centers to Support the Evolution of the Web 2
Cyber Lion Weekly Cyber Lion is a research and analysis firm founded in 2018. Cyber Lion offers full-service quantitative, qualitative, and hybrid market research in the form of research reports and various other value propositions for the cryptocurrency and stock markets. 1
Decentralizing Entertainment Every corner of the entertainment industry is rife with issues. Decentalization is the hero we need. 1