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A Writing Journey I’m sharing thoughts and ideas about writing and about making life better. I’m on a journey to become a better writer. What’s your journey? 66
The Curious Cult Life is curious. Be curious about life. The more curious we are about our own choices and decisions, the more aware we are of our happiness. Ask more questions. Live more life. Be more curious and find more happiness. 64
Cheap AF A guide for freelancing, and living it up on a budget 63
Get Freshly We believe small changes have huge impacts. Here, our leaders share the how and why. 62
Women Who Write Are Dope A Medium publication by @mmtvibes amplifying writing by women through the power of emotive essays, diverse narratives, and compelling content. 61
One Productive Life Productivity tricks to help you live your best life 58
The Life Essence Writing about life, what life means and how we stand in life as a person. Because life is not perfect and everyone has their own values and perpectives of how life should be. All artitcles must be open to everyone. 58
Lonely Pioneer I write articles and essays about culture, music, travel, and history. For collaborations, conversations, or just to say ‘hi’, reach out to 54
UnholyCommunion Exposing the unholy communion of sex, religion, and politics—one vulnerable story at a time 53
omnom(chaos) paragraphs of travel & food & tech & events & overall chaos 53
South Asian Persuasion A place for literary works by South Asians or with a strand of the South Asian experience running through them. 49
Alone at the Party You are at the party, and you are alone. 49
Honestly, Cheney The Place for Stories by Cheney Meaghan 48
Moments Matter Life is made up of moments — but they don’t have to be big to matter. 48
Today's Story “Today’s Story” is a Publisher of a wide range of writing, accepting non fiction in article, memoir, blog, or story form. All are welcome to submit. Remember nonfiction only. Available 7 days a week for questions -Editor & Publisher @MichaelPatanella (Voice For The Voiceless) 47