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The American Bystander All-Star Print Comedy Quarterly. “Essential reading for comedy nerds” — New York Times SUBSCRIBE: : 58
Stupid Poetry It’s stupid, unsophisticated poetry. It's silly, absurd, awkward, and gently awful poetry. 52
GOAT Humour Angela Volkov’s humour and satire all in one place 45
Momma Cusses An irreverant but honest look at parenting. Bring your own swear jar. 39
Stinky Inklings Stinky Inklings — Daily 3-minute funnies from everyone’s favorite fictional humorist. 24
FREE BEER MAGAZINE! a humor magazine covering an array of topics, genres, and styles. always accepting new work. the rest of this will be for SEO. comedy! humour! humor publication! submit! funny! satire! satire writing! satire humor comedy submissions! money! sex! violence! porn! 21
Neat Hobby! Comics for weary Gen-Xers by Scott Andrew 19
The Humo(u)r Mill Comedy from the flippant fingers of people who think they’re funnier than you 15
Killer Stories Killer Stories wants to share your life stories, extraordinary experiences, and killer endings. All things fascinating, fantastic, fulfilling or funny. 12
Acquire Satire Funny things and stuff. Fresh from the diseased mind of Alex Cooper. 12
the romantic huckster lifestyle and other tendencies on the rocks (with a twist) 11
Ruff Life For the love of dog. Funny, clever, and irresistible stories about pets. 11
Couldn't Help But Wonder Stories of my life 8
Poetry, For Idiots One poem every day about very serious matters. 8
thebcc memos for a dysfunctional workforce 6