Publications tagged `SURVEILLANCE`
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The Intercept Fearless, adversarial journalism 81,114
Mainframe . Official blog Mainframe OS makes it easy to use and build decentralized applications. Resistant to censorship, surveillance, and disruption — developers and users alike enjoy full control and freedom from any third party interference. 2,733
Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology, Georgetown Law. Think tank focusing on the intersection of technology, privacy, and civil rights. 183
The GNI Blog Missives, ruminations, and explainers from the GNI network — members and outside experts with a shared interest in freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector. 54
Copwatch Report Copwatch Report is a media project that works to highlight the voices of writers of color and residents that live in neighborhoods most impacted by policing and criminalization. 15
Incognito by Metomic Articles from Metomic’s blog: demystifying data ethics, privacy, and technology 13
S.T.O.P. Surveillance Technology Oversight Project 1