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The Blog of Nikhil Vemu Articles from probably all niches. Some of my works are exclusively published here! 0
The World Unlimited Cultural differences, travel stories, and curios facts from all over the world. 0
The Smartie Newsletter The Smartie Newsletter is a community for people who just want to learn a little something. Here, I’ll discuss everything from world events to Shinto to the creation of Valentine’s Day, (and I’ll try not to make it boring). Our mascot is the Christmas Cookie from Amazon. 0
The 49 Steps Arsenal, NFL History and Film Analysis from James Dudko 0
Life According to Max My name is Max Wilde and I’m a trained historian! Here you will find a collection of stories about my main passions: History, Gaming & Technology, Movies & Books, and Education! Check out my website — 0
Battlegrounds Plus Did Germany need the Panther and Tiger tanks? Why didn’t Union troops use breech-loading artillery? Exactly how many Romans died at Cannae? Battlegrounds+ is the most epic history publication on Medium. Long deep-dives into history topics just like this. 0
Minnesota Then The people, places, and events that make up Minnesota’s beer and bicycling history. (publication images courtesy of MNHS) 0
Kook & Quirk Quirky Travel | Kooky History | Amazing People | Badass Babes | Weird World 0
Odd History History doesn’t have to be boring. It’s filled with uncanny events, mystifying figures, and outlandish if not otherworldly phenomena 0