Publications tagged `PERSONAL GROWTH`
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Soul Seekers blog My personal stories of how I became the Life and Soul Coach. Shared to fulfill my mission to inspire you to follow your Soul Purpose. 1
Grownups A weekly column about living life as an honest-to-goodness “grown-up.” New column ever Friday. 1
The Closet Creative Break out of your creative shell and become the person you were made to be. 1
The Stories Behind the Stories Narratives define who we are and what we become. Shouldn’t you know the full story? 1
Life’s Daily Moments Drop in daily to join in the conversation answering the questions I’ve posed. Some are thought provoking, others are comical. Either way, we are going to have fun and connect! 1
Optim Welcome to Optim, the reader-first publication designed to save you time. Our mission is to challenge traditional long-form blogging through sharing straight-to-the-point tips for interested readers.If you’re interested in improving yourself, then this is the place for you. 1
The Intentional Kind This publication is all about living life with Intention. Writing about personal growth, life, Relationships, self, books, lifestyle, Health and wellness, mindfulness, and building a community that enables like-minded people who can share, learn, and grow. 1
Miscellany Collective I am a person that likes things to have a place to be put. I needed a place to put my published works that I couldn’t find a home for. If you would like to have any of these stories in your publications 1
Furtherance We believe writing to be a powerful tool for clarifying our thoughts and embedding our learning. The goal of this outlet is to share what we are thinking and learning in the hopes of gathering feedback and insights to help further refine — or adjust — our understanding of things. 1
A Quiet Thought An invitation to come back, meet with your life in the present, and recover your communion. Remind you of all your goodness and resources within. Fully aware that we are always trying at this. 1
goodpillar GoodPillar is an extension of the brand Core, as part of our mission to cement mental wellness as a pillar of modern life. Our collection of stories has a central theme — it’s personal. 0
Two to Foxtrot Relationships lessons learned through a life of mistakes & triumphs 0
Authentic Entrepreneur Build your business, own your material, and become a millionaire. 0
The Give & Take Honest talk about philanthropy, giving, charity 0
Make Progress Learn how to be more productive and happy in life and work through value-based goal setting, building positive habits, and creating systems to make progress on what matters. 0