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Modern Mainframe Mainframe modernization for developers, sysprogs, devops engineers and others wanting to use technologies like Visual Studio Code, Git, Jenkins and SonarQube along with mainframe-native tools and z/OS services. 297
ProdOpsIO Fusion of Engineering and Operations 289
BigPanda Engineering The most awesome technical posts, by BigPanda engineers for engineers 260
#Proud2beCloud We are a team of IT enthusiasts and Cloud pioneers proudly using the AWS cloud since 2007 and loving to share all the cool things we do with it every day. Find our AWS pro tips, configuration insights, in-depth news, tips&tricks, how-tos, and more! 254
NEW IT Engineering Blog on fullstack and cloud-first development, BigData, AI and more tech topics. Views expressed are those of individual authors. Also find us at 247
WalkMe Engineering Creative Engineers helping organizations become the best they can be 238
THRON tech blog THRON’s tech blog . THRON is a Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management SaaS that features automatic content classification (ML), real-time content rendition and real-time data analysis to perform content recommendation. 238
bluekiri We design, deploy and manage 24/7 the cloud architecture that best suits your business needs. We ensure optimal performance of your servers and applications by identifying the most demanding processes and components of your infra and fine tuning them thanks to our super teams. 237
01001101 Stories related to Kubernetes, Cloud & DevOps topics by Nico Meisenzahl.. 01001101? First char of my surname. 237
HardwareAndro It’s a software social hubs. We will create content: development lifecycle and DevOps feature and test engineering. 237
Refactor Zone DevOps, Development, Methodology and Fundamentals. 230
Rahasak Labs Have less, be more 229
smartive When we write, we usually write code. Here, for once, we write about everything behind it — about our company culture and how we organise ourselves, which approaches and technologies are currently high on our agenda and how we master personal and technical challenges. 222
IT Revolution Identifying & amplifying best practices for IT organizations through publishing, events & research. 219
Slido developers blog Code is poetry 219