Publications tagged `WRITING CHALLENGE`
Name Followers
Microcosm A place for tiny stories that capture something much larger. Single moments of a vast journey, a single frame of a moving picture. 1,156
Dallas Design Sprints I train individuals, teams and companies on how to effectively use the design sprint process. I also enjoy highlighting other professionals and practitioners in the field, and feature their stories here on Medium. 548
30-Day Challenge Become a better writer in 30 days with a writing challenge. 335
Write, I Must On finding great ideas, overcoming hurdles, and digitally publishing. 243
I challenge you Bi-weekly writing prompts 164
Write Before Lunch Writing about writing 148
Six Word Photo Story Challenge Monthly six word story writing challenges inspired by photos taken by yourself 86
Flint and Steel Writing Prompts to Spark Your Creativity 39
Indie Writers Co-Op A Place For Independent Writers To Feature Their Writing 15
SWAP52Club A collection of short stories from the Stop Writing Alone Community committed to trying to write 52 short stories in 52 weeks. 12
The Hermit Crab Files A crabby hermit commits to writing 500 words and hitting "Publish," for 31 days. 10
Writ in Water Writing blog featuring one writer’s journey to publication, with anecdotes, advice, experiments, and prompts. 1
Muuzzer Muuzzer is a distraction-free platform for writers and readers. It has put power where it belongs — with the users, by giving them a choice to write and read in their vernacular languages. 0