Publications tagged `CLIMATE ACTION`
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Climate Conscious Bringing people together from around the world to discuss how to tackle the climate crisis and build a collective vision for a better tomorrow. 4,743
The Climate Series Unpacking the complex reality of climate change, piece by piece. 206
Just Transitions Just Transition(s) to a Low-Carbon World 167
Sustain or Die A new publication dedicated to advocating for planet Earth and living sustainable lifestyles. Join us and visit for the most up to date information regarding climate change and what you can do to help! Big changes start with each of us becoming aware of our individual impact. 36
Sunrise NYC Sunrise is building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. 22
Fire This Time Fire This Time is a revolutionary socialist newspaper reflecting the struggles of oppressed people for building a new world. 16
Kite Insights Shaping the debate on issues that matter. 13
Erasmus Change Together, we are standing up for climate justice. Our generation cannot and will not stay passive. 12
Majority Action There is a growing movement of investors, small and large, who are holding the world’s biggest corporations accountable through progressive action on climate action and gun control. Majority Action are at the forefront of this campaign. 11
Positively Green Via Positively Green I aim to foster hope and combat despair among those of us who believe that a climate emergency is upon us. Using imagery, poetry, and prose, I’ll endeavour to highlight the amazing beauty of our world and what we stand to lose. 10
Change Your Palate to Save Our Planet “Palate” is not only about taste preferences. It represents our affinities and preferences towards lot many other things which are part of our life. This publication explores how we can reduce our impact on Climate Change by Changing our Palates towards our Consumption Habits. 5
ClimateOrb ClimateOrb utilizes data-driven methodologies to empower individuals and businesses with energy and CO2 reduction solutions. 5
This is Lagom Your sustainable living destination featuring vegan recipes, natural beauty, brands, editorial and conversations for the curious. This is the modern lifestyle choice. 5
Hypocenter for a Sustainable Future A Catalyst for Inspirational Intersectional Interdisciplinary Climate Change Curriculum Creation at Foothill College in Silicon Valley, CA USA 4
Uprising Voices The official Medium publication of Earth Uprising. 4