Name Followers
AI and the Future of Work Keeping you informed on the latest news in the world of HR emerging technology and how AI is impacting the Future of Work. 15
Adext Adext AI Finds The Most Relevant Audience At The Right Time using Machine Learining 14
Invention Engine Nanotronics Magazine 14
The Hissing Mirror When you gaze into the abyss it doesn’t just stare back — it hisses. The Hissing Mirror is about language, communication, AI, and creating products that build bridges between people, not chasms. 13
Caliber AI Artisan Solutions for AI Pioneers 13
QuizNext A gamified revision app for CBSE and ICSE students 13
IEEE SB KUET Regional Publication. 13
Science + Communication + Policy Read about new research in medical devices, AI, and science policy 13
vicuesoft-techblog Technology Blog 12
Adobe Machine Intelligence Design We believe advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence are shifting the way people interact and create with digital tools, and that a user-centered approach to machine intelligence includes considerations of ethics, learning, language and more. 12
SeeHow Sensor Fusion and AI for Sports 12
GLYNT.AI We built a machine learning system. It gave us an interesting perspective on technology, markets and value 10
ArtificialCiti Artificial Citi LLC is a social enterprise startup solving quality of life issues faced by our cities. 10
dayta We build artificial intelligence for brighter future. 10
MLAIT Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Team 10