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WSC Sports Catch up on the latest blogs and stories from WSC Sports 21
mlexperience A publication for stories about Artificial Intelligence in Finance 21
Evolution One To help Artificial Intelligence break free of geographical, cultural and linguistic boundaries, we connect top-tier talent from around the world with the businesses that require it the most, whenever and wherever they need it. 21
When Machines Learn A blog to share research and work in applying machine learning in heavy industry. Focus includes asset management and process optimization. 20
DataVisor AI-powered fraud management solutions that move faster than the speed of fraud. 20
Jan Bot Meet The Metalog, a collection of research notes about the life and work of Jan Bot, the first computer program developed by experimental filmmakers to make found footage films for the Internet. You can meet the bot and watch its films on 18
Ingedata Ingedata provides human annotation services to computer vision and artificial intelligence companies. You can find us at Let’s talk data and training sets. 18
Truepic Truepic is the leading photo and video verification platform. Our mission is to accelerate business, foster a healthy civil society, and push back against disinformation. 18
Qloo Some insights from the engineering team at Qloo, the leading platform for cultural artificial intelligence. 17
Quantcast Engineering Insights and perspectives from Quantcast engineers 17
AI Simplified Sharing AI, machine learning and data science concepts in a simplified way. 17
Learn NLP Demystifying Natural Language Processing 17
AIPARK Live parking map for developers 16 Data science and engineering company that is changing the nature of work and how people live their lives. 16
Yoomee Research and design company helping non-profits use AI and chatbots for social change #chatbots #ai #techforgood #mentalhealth 16