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The AI Education Project The AI Education Project makes AI literacy accessible by providing engaging online curriculum that addresses the general knowledge and skills needed to be informed citizens and workers. We use Medium to share updates and write about relevant content. 0 A precise and concise Medium Publication to demystify AI and Web Technologies. 0
Prospect Park Collective Prospective Park Collective is a non-profit organization founded by a group of spirited friends who evolved a passion-project into a vehicle for economic stimulation and recovery. We are motivated by emerging technologies, innovation, and entrepreneurs hoping to change the world. 0
Robotics & AI Artificial Intelligence, Programming and Robotics 0
DataProds Looking forwards to your articles. 0
Tech to Inspire Articles on technology, programming, science, machine learning, AI and more, with the hope to make the world kinder and life more meaningful. 0
Upstride Discover stories on Upstride’s journey and analyses of different members of the team on technical, managerial and business challenges we encounter during the development of our company. 0
programming_fever A Medium publication sharing projects,concepts,tips and tricks for python programming. -2