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Reborn in Code I’ve worked in IT infrastructure and administration for almost two decades, but I’ve decided to change paths, follow my passion, and become a programmer, so let’s talk about code and anything that has to do with it. 15
Hamburg Coding School Hamburg Coding School is a startup that offers coding courses for adults in a classroom setting in Hamburg. In this publication we share our insights and experiences in the world of software development. 13
Josh Software Innovation & Disruption is the way we change the game 10
The old noob How trying to do less made me do better. The blog of a 30 going on 40 guy wanting to learn how to code and make a better use of his time. Avatar by Catkuro: 3
Coder Chronicles Thoughts on Designing and Building Digital Products 3
word = new Word (); One marketer’s career change into the world of coding and engineering. 3
Coding for Sapiens Coding for Sapiens is a human discussion group focused on coding core concepts, beyond any language, but English-speaking. We talk about design patterns, tricky algorithms, development approaches, coding styles, interfaces, user experience or anything that we can commit to git. 2
Hackesta Idea | Inspiration | Implementation 1