Publications tagged `CODING`
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The Couch This isn't where I left my website 36
Wiser Tech All things technology, engineering, and development from the brains behind the retail data provider Wiser Solutions. 31
The Software Guild Blog The Software Guild is an intensive, fast-paced apprenticeship program where you learn to be a software developer. On our blog we discuss programming, the bootcamp experience, trends in the profession and how to pursue a career in the field. 23
iSrajan Learn to code by building projects. 20
Reborn in Code I’ve worked in IT infrastructure and administration for almost two decades, but I’ve decided to change paths, follow my passion, and become a programmer, so let’s talk about code and anything that has to do with it. 18
Hamburg Coding School Hamburg Coding School is a startup that offers coding courses for adults in a classroom setting in Hamburg. In this publication we share our insights and experiences in the world of software development. 13
Josh Software Innovation & Disruption is the way we change the game 13
nascentdigital The official Nascent blog. 13
word = new Word (); One marketer’s career change into the world of coding and engineering. 8
Coding for Sapiens Coding for Sapiens is a human discussion group focused on coding core concepts, beyond any language, but English-speaking. We talk about design patterns, tricky algorithms, development approaches, coding styles, interfaces, user experience or anything that we can commit to git. 5
The old noob How trying to do less made me do better. The blog of a 30 going on 40 guy wanting to learn how to code and make a better use of his time. Avatar by Catkuro: 5
Coder Chronicles Thoughts on Designing and Building Digital Products 5
Pixel and Ink Seven West Media (WA) Digital Team blog. 4
Hackesta Idea | Inspiration | Implementation 1