Publications tagged `MICROFICTION`
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The Friday Fix Tough week? Self-medicate with a dose of microfiction! The Friday Fix is devoted to publishing fifty-word stories. 1,799
Microcosm A place for tiny stories that capture something much larger. Single moments of a vast journey, a single frame of a moving picture. 1,156
Adlers Writing Microfiction, Short Stories, Writing Tips & Blog, mostly by Stevie Adler with Guest Microfiction. 452
Song Done Wrong Celebrating music through fiction and song parody. With an emphasis on hilarity. 65
Fascinating Fiction High-quality short stories, flash fiction, and microfiction of all genres that will maintain your interest from start to finish. 50
soliloque “soliloque” came to me in a dream. It is a space for my thoughts; both personal & private. Are you listening? Can you hear me? 44
Two Minute Tales Have a couple of free minutes? We have a story. 23
The Ideastream A home for prolific writers. 8
Jim’s Shorts microfiction (<250 words), flash (250 to 1000), lots of 100- and 50-word stories 2