Publications tagged `THEOLOGY`
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The Apeiron Blog An easy to read philosophical space that aims to elicit discussion and debate on matters of the universe. 11,039
For the New Christian Intellectual Ideas Matter - Help restore the mind in Christian life 689
The Coffeehouse Cleric The Coffeehouse Cleric is a blog by Alex Rowe 544
FaithTech Institute Exploring the world of faith and the world of technology. Can these two worlds co-exist? Or are they the same world? Do they cooperate or conflict? It’s uncharted territory. Chart it with us. 245
Catholicism Coffee Catholicism Coffee is dedicated towards spreading knowledge about the Catholic Faith to the world. We passionately write articles on Catholicism, pen down thought provoking spirituality essay’s and summarise church theology and beliefs as straight-forward as possible. 141
That Ancient Faith Exploring the deeper, historical faith. 35
Faith Seeking Understanding my personal journey towards a deeper knowledge of and intimacy with God, the cosmos, humanity and myself through thoughts, words and (occasionally) images 15
St. Ambrose Press Commentary on Church and Culture 7
EmbracingParadoxes Against being ideologically immunized / Wider ideologische Immunisiertheit 6
pilgrimHub Christian worldview for the skeptic mind 5
The Renewal Provocative essays on biblical theology and the state of the local Church in America and around the world. 3
Evolutionary Eschatology a practical theology exploration 1
Think Solid-State Because the world’s complex religions need to be challenged just as much as atheism. 0
Owl Theology Thinking about God and the words we use to talk about Him. To quote the Dr Rowan Williams, theology is just “searching for the least stupid thing you can say…”, hopefully some of this falls into that category. 0
The Bible Archives Whether you’re a beginner or a skeptic, exhausted with modern Christianity or wanting to explore the text more fully — this publication aims to untangle and clarify what the Bible actually says and share a free education for anyone wanting to know more about the text. 0