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CROSSIN(G)ENRES Poetry, fiction, and creative non fiction including memoir, personal essay, academic, experimental. Our work regularly deals with intersectional social justice, including HIV issues. All that and our eclectic collection of crazy dog stories too. 22,476
Written Tales Helping writers and readers connect! [Accepting new Authors] We promote all forms of creative writing and cherish the freedom of speech, therefore we do not censor our writres. Come join us today and prepare for entertainment. 1,174
The Arcanist The Arcanist is a literary magazine focusing on genre-based flash fiction and in-depth looks into pop culture's biggest stories. 1,165
Adlers Writing Microfiction, Short Stories, Writing Tips & Blog, mostly by Stevie Adler with Guest Microfiction. 372
Shorter Letter Small fictions for busy days. Get it to your inbox here: 144
PeculiarJulia's Magical Emporium of Poetry & Prose Poetry and prose: poems and stories and things that are written on Medium 62
Bloom Abbey Journal A journal dedicated to poetry & prose. 57
Defuncted A Collection of Abandoned Things 39
The Friday Fix Tough week? Self-medicate with a dose of micro-fiction! The Friday Fix is devoted to publishing fifty-word stories. 39
Two Minute Tales Have a couple of free minutes? We have a story. 23
The Moss The Literary Magazine Journal Review 22
The Scheherazade Project Scheherazade understood the power of a good story. The Scheherazade Project believes you understand, too. Join us for short stories that fit into your busy schedule. 13