Publications tagged `FLASH FICTION`
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CROSSIN(G)ENRES Poetry, fiction, and creative non fiction including memoir, personal essay, academic, experimental. Our work regularly deals with intersectional social justice, including HIV issues. All that and our eclectic collection of crazy dog stories too. 22,832
Share The Love We love poetry and fiction. 2,902
Microcosm A place for tiny stories that capture something much larger. Single moments of a vast journey, a single frame of a moving picture. 1,156
Being Known Authentically sharing stories and poems from the heart about our experience of being human and our ongoing process of becoming perfectly imperfect. Writing mostly real and raw with a sprinkle of microfiction! 596
Sci-Fi Shorts A flash-fiction publication dedicated to Sci-Fi stories under 1,000 words, so you can read at least one on your potty break. 570
Adlers Writing Microfiction, Short Stories, Writing Tips & Blog, mostly by Stevie Adler with Guest Microfiction. 452
Tempest in Under 1000 This is a place for writers to submit flash, micro-fiction, and poetry. Flash stories must be under 1000 words to be published. Micro-fiction should be under 100. Poetry should be on the short side, but no hard limits. Let’s build a mutually supportive writing community! 393
Fantasy Shorts A flash-fiction publication dedicated to fantasy stories under 1,000 words, so you can read at least one on your potty break. 368
A Work of Fiction A fiction publication brought to you by Assemblage that focuses on creative narratives spun by captivating minds. 171
Shorter Letter Small fictions for busy days. Get it to your inbox here: 144
Salt Flats Salt City Genre Writers is a writing group based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We hold a monthly flash fiction contest for members to be published on our Medium publication. These are the winning stories. 105
Emrys Journal Online Companion to the print journal est. 1984, Greenville, SC. 86
PeculiarJulia's Magical Emporium of Poetry & Prose Poetry and prose: poems and stories and things that are written on Medium 64
Bloom Abbey Journal A journal dedicated to poetry & prose. 59
Micro Fictions Micro fictions, 100 word stories, and stories under 1000 words 57