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Echo Breaking News We’re a newsletter that helps you break your echo chamber by discovering news sources that challenge your perspective. Media outlets can be biased but you don’t have to be. Improve your media literacy and fight polarization by reading news from across the political aisle. 2
Consumer Purports Consumer Purports delivers the satirical news you need. Stay up to date on Esohphobee develpoments in the year 2031. Read a 100 word short story on your break. Plus, we give you a reason to look at your phone whenever you need to avoid an awkward situation. 2
Daily Londoner All things news, sports, food, travel, finance and blockchain 1
Solutions Stories Stories about people working on solutions to some of the challenges we all face 1
The Hmmingbird We hover. 1
High Key Highlighting the biggest news and trends in politics, law, and society 1
News Comb The Average Joe doesn’t have the time or capacity to decipher the news. I tend to really enjoy consuming news from a broad spectrum of sources, and think this is a way I can equip others to understand our world a little better. Created and written by Nick Heid. 1
Media Disabled Media Disabled is created by Kristen Parisi, examining how disabled people are portrayed and represented across the media landscape and ableism within the industry. 1
On the Local On the Local is an online publication meant to bring the voices of local communities into the conversation around big events. By bringing more attention to local news, we hope that more people will support local newspapers and be inspired to start their own. 1
The Eye News News with insight and context to help us create a more perfect union. Not just in America but the world. After all, borders are arbitrary and suffering is on all of us to lessen. The stories we see shape the consciousness so let’s elevate it, shall we… 1
We are the IPI global network for journalism The International Press Institute is the global network of editors, journalists and publishers for independent journalism and press freedom, since 1950 1
Data Affairs We try to gather insights about geopolitics and current affairs using all the open-source data. providing information without presenting authentic data is now obsolete. 1
The Nu Deal The Nu Deal is a political blog and podcast focused on progressive ideas and compassionate politics. 1
The 11:30 Report In-depth news and political reports from Australia to the world. 1
What’s Going On In Japan Research notes from a Japanese culture enthusiast 1