Publications tagged `SOFTWARE`
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SodaLabs Soda Labs Company Blog 30
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Software Tidbits Information about software spanning languages to best practices. 27
Modern Fortran Modern Fortran: Building Efficient Parallel Applications 24
RebelDot Turning technology into an asset for every business 24
Futurice Expertise. Experience. Experiments. Examples. 22
Planogy Planogy provides designers an intuitive medium to get feedback from engineers and other stakeholders. 21
inturn-eng Inturn Engineering Team 21
Holisticon Consultants voices of holistikoenner/innen 19
Manolin Digital health management for aquaculture 18
High Tech Accessible By an enthusiast, for everyone: making intimidating computing topics accessible for all. 17
aequilibrium design and technology 17
SoftInstigate Team Random thoughts about Software Development, Technology, Innovation and Product Strategy. 15
Software Makes Hardware A dive into how silicon and electronics get designed, for the software-engineering inclined. (It turns out we’re not so different after all.) 12
interoperable The Official Source Blog 12