Publications tagged `UX RESEARCH`
Name Followers
UX Planet UX Planet is a one-stop resource for everything related to user experience. 246,971
Shopify UX Writing from the frontiers of design, UX development, content strategy, and research. 43,514
Foolproof UX Foolproof is an experience design agency which has given a voice to thousands of customers and brought about organisational change for global businesses. 6,797
Facebook Research Learnings from the people who study human behavior for Facebook 3,233
The UX Book Club People know us. We are important. We have many UX books and our homes smell of coffee and usability studies. 840
Segment Design Designing for scalable customer data infrastructure. 242
RoboPress Ideas and insights from the robots, pencils and ampersands of Robots & Pencils 202
Groupon Design Union A collection of stories, case studies, and tips 'n tricks from the Product, Visual and User Research folks at Groupon 184
VMware 360 Here, we explore a myriad of R&D disciplines from engineering best practices and methodology to user experience design, technical deep-dives, the latest industry trends and more. 177
Airtasker Design Ideas from Airtasker's Design team 148
UXPress You see the fragile border between It’s UX and It SUX? We deliver stories on the former side. 71
Georgia Tech MS-HCI Writings from the HCI Master's students at Georgia Tech 68
Chegg®UX We create user experiences that help students succeed 61
CladeDesign Sharing Design Strategy, Process, and Technique. Live a Well Designed Life. 40
Nearsoft UX UX Research & Product Design Team. We help software companies avoid rework, build the right product, and ship faster. 🚀 🌐 38