Publications tagged `USER EXPERIENCE`
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PebbleRoad Our field notes on digital transformation. 13
The 31.5 Guy We talk everything under the Sun that involves Design; so basically, everything. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” — striving to make this accessible to all. Oh, and yes, also the personal blog of Rounak Bose. 13
Norrøna Stories from our people on their mission to create the world’s greatest outdoor products 11
Kraftful Delightful apps for smart home companies 9
Pixians Pixians is a renowned UX/UI design agency that deals with mobile and web applications, landing pages, logos, branding and software designing. It employs a heuristic process to craft unforgettable designs and cultivate a positive user experience. 7
Habiba Begum A UX portfolio from a product associate, telling stories of work and the mentors who helped me on my way. 6
Arco-Iris Ideations Research for fun, profit and community. 6
DOU Insights Insights 5
The Everyday Things of Design These are not best practices or instructions for how to design. Just my honest, from the desk experiences of how I spend my day in design, learning, failing, growing along the way with hopefully a nugget of something for you to take away and implement. 4
The Smyth Group The Smyth Group was born after volunteering together on relief projects in New Orleans following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Today, we’re a team of American-based developers and designers who focus on bringing our clients’ ideas to life. 3
Ember Articles Smart business applications built with web technologies 2
Product Takeoff Everything that goes into building products. 2
ThinkingMatter Experience Design, Philosophy, Sociology, Cognition 1
Marvelous Foresight A lab where we explore the future | By 0