Publications tagged `ETHICS`
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Dear Design Student Advice on design from people who work for a living. 19,802
Humane Tech There are people making tech who are positive, ambitious, thoughtful, inclusive, curious, empathetic and self-aware. They’re going to win. 3,836
McGill AI Society Blog The official blog of the McGill Artificial Intelligence Society. We are committed to demystifying AI through knowledge exchange and promoting education, research, and development in our community. 677
Human Centered Thinking Become better UX, Business and Innovation practitioners by first understanding the humans you are solving problems for. 371
On Common Ground Peaceful. Nonpartisan. Proactive. 321
Global Responsibility The GRLI partnership catalyses ideas and initiatives at the interface between education, business and society to help make globally responsible progress a reality. This is our blog. Our website is here: 316
Fair Data Society FDS is a non-profit initiative and a decentralised altruistic community (DAC) that is focused on shaping a society of data that recognises online privacy as basic human right and a basis for progress for all. Website: 223
The Ulu Difference This is Ulu's blog 133
Center for Humane Technology Shifting the paradigm of technology to re-align with humanity. 120
Wellcome Data Labs Posts about health, science and AI from Wellcome’s data team 82
Philonomist A philosophical look at business, economics and work 58
How Might We… Finding Balance in Philosophy, Technology, Ethics and Design 57
The Ethics of Digital Experience Bridging philosophy, psychology & design for more responsible technology. 43
Photography Ethics Centre Spotlighting critical debate on photography ethics 31
Films from the Future Snips, clips, and insights, from the forthcoming book Films from the Future: The Morality and Technology of Sci-Fi Movies (available now for pre-order) 27