Publications tagged `VENTURE CAPITAL`
Name Followers
Caliber AI Artisan Solutions for AI Pioneers 13
Secocha Ventures Stay tuned for the team’s latest insights + updates about our firm & portfolio 13
One Way Ventures Entrepreneurship, like immigration, is a journey into the unknown. 12
Speciale Invest We do one thing seed stage investing. We love to help build from ground zero and get our hands dirty. As a team we have invested and advised over 30 companies across India, Israel and the Valley. 12
Venture Desktop A weekly letter exploring the ideas and trends shaping the innovation economy. 11
Navivest Digitalisation can not be achieved without a Digital Mindset. Providing consultancy for business turnaround strategies, tech investment & growth roadmaps. 10
MicroVentures We help startups raise capital and give investors the ability to invest in a diverse portfolio online. 10
Dorm Room Fund Venture capital, scaling a business, and more by students. 9
Jovono Jovono is an active venture capital firm investing in the next paradigm shift. 9
Investify Media Investify Media publishes content related to investing, with a heavy emphasis on both private equity and venture capital. Investify also helps you navigate careers in finance, investing and consulting. 9
Wall Street Everything Wall Street-Private Equity, Venture Capital, IPOs, Personal Finance, and Startups 8
Algonaut Musings on technology, philosophy and economics 8
California Crescent Fund A student-run venture fund committed to growing the student startup ecosystem in Southern California. 8
Zerofirst Ventures We are a network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate innovators that build and invest in early-stage ventures with a net-zero mindset first — Lean and Clean. 8
BACKEDISM Notes and stories from the BACKED community. 7