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From groups to individuals: permutation testing In experimental settings, data often pertains to a group of individuals, that might or might not differ in certain variables from a second group. While there is a lot of value in comparing gorups, you might want to investigate individual behavior. Permutations allow do to that. 0
DGNN The more you learn the more you grow. My dad used to tell me “Just learning isn't good enough until you share it”. 0
Diva_Coders Technical Blog for all budding developers, researchers and tech enthusiasts 0
Hands-On Data Science Hands-On Machine Learning is dedicated to giving the Data Science community hands-on learning, projects and exercises, to allow more people to be exposed data science on a practical front. 0
Datascribble A medium publication around Data, Machine Learning and AI 0
sdsclub Join the SDSClub and get everything you need to stay on top of the data science world 0
ZACRAC Calling you to learn about the latest happenings in the world of data and its science. 0
Rigging Real ‘Artificially’ Solving real problems using machine learning 0
Machine Learning Journey I will be sharing my knowledge, ideas and codes related to Data Science and Machine Learning. I am passionate about it and I would love to start my long journey with all of you. 0
Out of the Midwest with Software & Data Ellie Lockhart holds a social science Ph.D., but her career ambitions have stalled in academia. Unfortunately ensconced in the rural Midwest, she has taken it upon herself to self-teach software engineering and data science — to move forward at any cost! 0
Genie Lab Personal data story journal by Rakesh Chintha -1