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Out of the Midwest with Software & Data Ellie Lockhart holds a social science Ph.D., but her career ambitions have stalled in academia. Unfortunately ensconced in the rural Midwest, she has taken it upon herself to self-teach software engineering and data science — to move forward at any cost! 0
Beth Blog I am a student at Metis Data Science Bootcamp, and I’ll be writing about my experiences and projects. I’m also a molecular biologist living in Chicago. 0
Software Science Musings on Math, Data Science, and Sotware Engineering 0
DataStoryteller Leveraging a lifetime of passion in science and imaging as a data visualization specialist. 0 A precise and concise Medium Publication to demystify AI and Web Technologies. 0
Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool x Pep Guardiola’s Man City Premier League Battle: who is better? Data Science with Python In this article we analise data from last five English Premier League seasons, having a look at stats from Liverpool and Manchester City to see who improved more their teams: Klopp or Guardiola. 0
Applied Network Analysis Network analysis is becoming a standard tool across many disciplines in science. This publication explores data wrangling, mangling, analysis, and visualization with the purpose of understanding the structure and connectivity of the systems explored 0
Appsilon Data Science Appsilon provides innovative data analytics and machine learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. Appsilon builds the world’s most advanced R Shiny dashboards. 0
The Visual in the Noise V/N is a collection of original, interesting and meaningful analysis for the modern sports audience — with a focus on visual storytelling and insights. 0
LeetCode November Challenge Follow my 30 day journey in an attempt to solve, and explain, all 30 problems given in the LeetCode November Challenge. My aim is to maximise understanding and readability, rather than efficiency. However, speed is still key. 0
A Duck’s Dream Posts about machine learning and the everyday journey through data. Also memes. 0
Engineering automation Tailor is a workflow system developed to work as an automation toolbox for engineers. Its core capability is running heavy engineering tools while storing data in a way that is accessible for the engineer. 0
Infye Blogs written in the field of Data science and software development. 0
IT Examples IT Examples is the best online platform to learn Information technology stuff from scratch to expert level. 0 creates EFFORTLESS FUTURE, with our DIY AI driven SaaS platform that could simplify everyday tasks across industries with advanced, receptive, and evolving Conversational AI. 0