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Android Developement Dedicated to Android developement articles 3
The Dot Labs Create, explore, share and learn anything with the most amazing people. 3
Android Devo Android Devo is designed to share knowledge about Android Programming, Android Tools and Android AOSP. please share your contents related to Android and let’s create the content which encourages our android family to learn more. 3
Madrapps Blogs by Developers of Madrapps 3
jdiestra I am an iOS developer, I love to research and expand my knowledge about mobile development. 2
Logicbase Software engineering and development series 2
Prog-Ramming Solutions Learning and Trying to explain some of the complex domain in app development like CameraAPI and other core components in Android/IOS/Python etc. 2
Chyld’s Eye A futurist’s scope on graphic design trends & technological innovation. 1
The Android Mentor Android development insights from master programmer Sam Halperin. 1
Berk Berber’s blog “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” -Linus Torvalds 1
TechDroidGear TechdroidGear -geeks platform 1
Application-Library-Engineering-Group As open source comumunity, we share more information on latest trends in HMOS, Android and other technologies. 1
HackMobile The top publication for mobile hackers and devs. 0
Android in 10 minutes Learn the latest tips and tricks in the Android Development World. 0
Android tutos Tutorials on Android development with examples and code source. 0