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Plan A Magazine A platform for Asian American writers and creators who want the freedom to communicate their vision of our chaotic and complex world, without being tethered to the assumptions and tropes of the past. 1,062
maivmai an online publication and press for voices from the hmong diaspora 373
Advancing Justice | AAJC Working to empower Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to participate in our democracy and fighting for civil and human rights for all. 171
The Thirsty: Southeast Asia & Southeast Asians ‘Water’ is the concept of people who have gathered near a body of water to grow rice for one another, and founding a stable community, sharing rain and drought, plenty and famine, peace and war — its basic meaning, has come to designate ‘the homeland, the country, the nation.’ 143
Asian American News | Pacific Islander News | The Baton Stories from the editors of The Slant, once a weekly Asian American newsletter. Find out more at 77
Intertrend Creating conversations and building thought leadership about the Asian American voice, experience and influence in the global context. 64
Urbanity Magazine Urbanity Magazine is a media and educational project of Urbanity, LLC, a communications, change and culture consulting firm. Check out our aggregator for curated news, media and content by, for and about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at 58
South Asian Persuasion A place for literary works by South Asians or with a strand of the South Asian experience running through them. 49
YUN/LIFE AAABBC (Agender Asian American Bisexual Born Chinese) just trying to vibe on another level and look for my chill escape. Come along for the journey…or nah. 24
The Young Politicasian Official publication of the High School Democrats of America Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus. 13
Multi Hyphen Nation The diasporas of the AAPI communities are often left out of American history. Dialog rarely exists so the people’s experience are seldom heard by their youth or foreigners to these heritages. Invisibility is no longer acceptable. This is a collection of those narratives. 5
Gidra Radical Asian American perspectives on social justice, capitalism, and our shared history. 2
The Asian Canadian Where I fit and the spaces in between. 1
NorCal UVSA Dedicated to non-profit, non-partisan, community-based work to meet the needs of Vietnamese-American youth since 2007. 0
Kaede + Jun — Real Talk Let’s get real — and talk about other Asian things than just entertainment. But if you want some K-drama / entertainment news, check out 0