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Global Climate Action Summit: An Impossible Account of an Incredible Week In a four-part series from December 3–6, Michael Northrop, Director of the Sustainable Development Program at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, attempts to catalogue the deluge of commitments made at and around the September 2018 Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, CA. 8
Climate Optimism Climate optimism isn’t what it sounds like: a balm to soothe the weariness of existential dread. This column will find optimism not in happy endings but in paths forward. 8
Journal on the Environment and Society A medium blog about current issues on the environment, biodiversity, conservation, and climate change. Articles here include updates on specific topics, op-eds, and policy analysis on global environmental affairs and regulations. 8
Climate Quantified Climate Quantified is a publication that seeks to educate readers through the use of data and the application of science. Topics can range from the climate profiles of individual countries to how researchers are working in the field to keep our environment diverse. 8
Earth 47 Fighting climate change, one ton of CO2 at a time 7
The Peanut We analyse historical and current financial markets and provide upcoming investment opportunities with educational investment knowledge. Our mission is to find value investments associated with the environment that can generate wealth and promote sustainability. 6
The Green Space Combating climate change step by green step 6
Global Health: Emerging Threats & Solutions This publication provides a forum to discuss emerging health threats in the global public health space. 6
The Environmental Digest A publication dedicated to raising awareness around climate change, policy, laws, and sustainable future. Subscribe to get a 5-Day Crash Course! 6
CounterApocalypse This magazine explores possibilities of life beyond apocalyptic narratives about climate change and human-driven destruction, telling stories of collaborative survival and multispecies flourishing. 6
IATP The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy works locally and globally at the intersection of policy and practice to ensure fair and sustainable food, farm and trade systems 5
Change Your Palate to Save Our Planet “Palate” is not only about taste preferences. It represents our affinities and preferences towards lot many other things which are part of our life. This publication explores how we can reduce our impact on Climate Change by Changing our Palates towards our Consumption Habits. 5
ClimateOrb ClimateOrb utilizes data-driven methodologies to empower individuals and businesses with energy and CO2 reduction solutions. 5
Sprightful Rethink Energy. 5
The Climate Company Trying to spread awareness about Climate Reality in India 5