Publications tagged `DISABILITY`
Name Followers
Skin Stories A digital publication on disability, sexuality and gender 1,018
Conscious Being The Lifestyle Publication for Disabled Women. 277
Autistic Discovery A publication about exploring identity and harnessing strengths after discovering you are autistic. 250
Flourish Mag A home for people living and thriving through mental illness and disabilities. 205
Disability Acts Disability Essays, Screeds, and Manifestos by Disabled Writers for Everyone 175
Tech Disability Project Stories by people who work in tech and experience illness, injury or disability — whether temporary or chronic, visible or invisible. 154
Chronically (Br)ill A publication full of stories from the brilliant chronically ill people of Medium. 152
Nemhouse A husband and wife sharing their imperfections and lessons learned on parenting, career, and wellness. #disability #sports #technology #marriage #food #weightloss #love #aging 150
South of Certainty A blog which examines the aspects of the human condition that lead to overthinking, often viewed through the prism of personal experience. 139
Black Isle Journalism Politics From The UK & Beyond 94
#universaldesign A publication by The Universal Design Project 92
Content at Scope We’re Scope, the disability equality charity. We won’t stop until we achieve a society where all disabled people enjoy equality and fairness. 73
Voices Through Silence Experiences of Hearing Loss 71
Special Nation Navigating the special needs world: parenting, special education, family and community. What disability can teach us about the human condition. 66
Chezie The career insight platform for minorities. We help you de-fog the glass ceiling before you break through it. Submit your story on 48